WITTKAMPER / REIFF is a Minneapolis-based design collective founded with a shared philosophy: that the most successful, evocative environments are achieved through an integrated, cross-disciplinary design approach that favors an immersive process with our clients, seeking to draw out the unique inclinations and motivations that define them. Our focus is brand-driven clients who are interested communicating their values and mission in an experiential manner throughout their space. Our goal is to understand and tell their story, often working with our clients to further develop their narrative and refine their brand. The result is a fully-tailored environment.

We approach our work as a true design studio, operating seamlessly among the disciplines of architecture, interior design, branding, graphics and various artistic endeavors, intentionally blurring the boundaries within the design spectrum to offer a more cohesive and far-reaching experience. Our process allows us to make thoughtful and nuanced brand connections between moves large and small, from site orientation to detailed branding moments and everything in between, to create a layered understanding of our client’s identity and a more cohesive and imaginative brand experience.  It demonstrates our ability to explore the complex spectrum of opportunities that design offers, from elaborate aesthetic expression to technical construction challenges. In our drive to foster unity between brand and space, we have designed custom furniture, wallpaper, light fixtures, and brand logos that further express our clients’ stories.

As individuals, we possess unique backgrounds that allow us to understand the diverse perspectives of our clients and inspire confidence in our work.

Aaron earned a Masters of Architecture from M.I.T. and a Bachelor of Arts triple major in Philosophy, Psychology and Studio Art from St. Olaf College. His architectural design background extends over 12 years through firms including Gensler, MSR and James Dayton Design, during which, he was involved in projects that have been published and recognized with numerous awards. He is also an abstract painter whose work has been nationally published and is involved in the design and research collective MINN_LAB, whose work includes the award-winning “Orbacles” installation at East Town Commons in downtown Minneapolis.

Amy graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame and spent seven years working in New York City as a CPA in the consulting and hedge fund industries before embarking on a journey to realize her creative passion.  She graduated from Parsons School of Design with top honors, earning an IIDA Student Design Award honorable mention, and was published on the cover of Parson's annual volume of student work. Amy connected with Aaron at Gensler’s Minneapolis office, and it was their collaboration on an award-winning distillery space that would ultimately lead to the founding of Wittkamper / Reiff.

As both the collective’s directors and its sole designers, our design process remains nimble, efficient, and directly engaged. We are able to stay true to our philosophy of collaboration and have the freedom to approach each project with the rigorous curiosity that inspired us to become designers in the first place. 

CV available upon request.